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SALES POST + A Project

Hello, cosplayers!

I am cleaning out my closets, and have just come upon some gems from an ex-boyfriend's short career as a costumer. Therefore, I have one official FullMetal Alchemist military uniform from Japan, with tags still intact, and a white suit that was made for Rufus Shinra but could be used for something else.

Measurements, photos, and prices are below the cut.

FMA Military Uniform - OFFICIAL product

This outfit includes pants and coat. Photo color is dark because the lighting in my apartment is miserable. The fabric is actually about the blue you see in the anime for the uniform. The photos of the tag and uniform are also mirrored because I used my webcam, which flips images for some really weird reason.

Sleeve length: 23.5 in
Center back length from base of collar to bottom edge: 18.5 in
Chest/circumference: 34 in
Shoulders: 16 in
Sleeve circumference at shoulder: 17 in

Waist: 28 in
Crotch from front to back: 26 in
Inner leg seam: 27.5 in
Outer leg seam: 37.5 in

This has never been worn, since both the ex and myself were too large to fit into it. It's in the same condition it came across the sea in.

Price: $115.00 + shipping to your location


This suit was made by some random person for the ex, and I have no idea who. It's nice fabric, looks very good, with some seamstress errors on aligning a few seams on the pants, etc. The grey buttons need some refastening, as they are loose, and the 'pockets' on the coat are fake. One pair of pants is just plain white, and the other has the grey buttons in a line down the inside of each leg.

Chest/circumference: 39 in
Sleeve length: 24 in
Center back length from base of collar to bottom edge: 28.5 in
Shoulders: 17 in
Sleeve circumference at shoulder: 21 in

Waist: 30 in
Crotch from front to back: 26 in
Inner leg seam: 32.5 in
Outer leg seam: 42.5 in

This outfit was worn once, and then drycleaned, before sitting in a closet for a year. His mother gave it to me, and then it sat in my closet for a year, and now it is here.

PRICE: $40.00 + shipping to your location

Also, I've recently started a project for some customized merchandise directed at cosplayers. Inspired by the [red] shirts and similar products, I've started putting [Cos]Pride designs up in my CafePress shop. For the few designs I have so far, you can check out the shop here. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for products/slogans. ♥
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